summer release


2018 Contra Costa County Muscat blanc

rosewater, baked pear, and honeysuckle. part skin-fermented and part direct-to-press


2018 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir

not quite red wine and not quite rosé. light and crunchy, practically neon in color, and bursting with flavor

spring release


2018 Clarksburg Chenin blanc

white flowers, honey, baked apple, stonefruit, and beeswax


2018 Skin Fermented Chenin blanc

candied orange peel, clove, earl grey tea, and honey mustard


2018 Rosé of Mourvèdre

pink grapefruit, watermelon candy, clay, and sand


2018 Measure Zero Pétillant-naturel

**open at a very cold temperature to avoid a wine geyser **
honeysuckle, apple blossom, and lemon curd

Put simply, Measure Zero is a statistical term that refers to the extreme unlikeliness of an event, or an event that--if it happens--will certainly only happen once. This wine was the serendipitous outcome of unexpected weather and tight logistics and will not appear in this blend proportion again.


2018 Pinot Noir Pétillant-naturel

Sparkling red wine!
Fruity, fresh, and lively with notes of cinnamon stick, blackberry, and cassis