Sattler’s Vineyard
AVA: Santa Clara Valley

Year Planted: 2009
Acres: 2.7
Varietal: Mourvèdre
Farming: In 2018, one pass of glyphosate; no other chemicals/sprays

Ed Sattler planted his backyard vineyard in 2009 and has been intimately involved in farming it since the beginning. This hot, dry site in the foothills of the southern Santa Cruz Mountains has an intense diurnal swing, bringing cool temperatures every evening and lending to the preservation of acidity in the grapes.

The vineyard owners have committed to begin farming organically beginning in the 2020 season. Part of the Margins mission is to work with growers to transition their vineyard to organic farming by providing guidance as well as assurance that the grapes will have a home. I believe that if I work with solely organic vineyards, I am not using my role in the industry to its full potential to enact agricultural change. I encourage the few growers I work with who are not organic (but are close) to transition to organics, and if they do not choose to go this route within a certain period of time, we part ways. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I have to try.