2017 Pétillant Naturel Chenin blanc (Sparkling)

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2017 Pétillant Naturel Chenin blanc (Sparkling)


What is pétillant-naturel, or "pét-nat"?
It is sparkling wine made by bottling fermenting grape juice at a very low residual sugar--enough for the yeast to finish off the fermentation in the bottle, trapping CO2 and thereby creating bubbles, but not enough to render the final product sweet. This sparkling wine is dry and is bottled under a 'crown cap' (beer cap).

There are less than 25 bottles available for the mailing list. Limit 2 bottles per customer.

*Note for those who purchased Spring Futures*
The sparkling wine will ship or get delivered at the same time as the Spring Futures. If you are *shipping* the sparkling wine and you purchased less than 6 bottles of Spring Futures: your wines will ship in the same package. Please select 'pick up' as the shipping option so you do not pay for shipping twice. If you purchased 6+ bottles, the sparkling wine will ship in a different package.

Good news, everyone: I can ship to 43 states now! Scroll down to see states. 

*Due to regulations, at this time I can ship to all states EXCEPT: AL, KY, MS, ND, NH, UT, VT. Wine will be shipped only when weather conditions are appropriate in order to preserve the integrity of this temperature-sensitive product.

*Package must be signed for upon delivery by an individual 21 years of age or older. Please provide a shipping address where someone who meets those requirements is present all day (a work address is ideal!).

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